Saturday, July 12, 2014

sentridoh - most of the worst and some of the best (shrimper, 1992)

a1 american morning '91
a2 monkey racist
a3 albequerque '89
a4 ratherdie
a5 i can't wait
a6 suede
a7 barbed wire
a8 nitemare
b1 what would it be like
b2 run to you
b3 meaningless dead end
b4 cause for celebration
b5 jealous of jesus
b6 mary christ
b7 puffin on a pot pipe
b8 alone to decide


okay, so the bulk of this material has appeared elsewhere in other forms but: (a) never assembled quite thusly, and (b) tape rips are rad, so we're sharing this but beseeching you, reader, to kindly avail yourself of the wealth of downloadable sentridoh on itunes, amazon, and elsewhere should you happen to dig this. and you should happen to, in our humble opinion: it's the same heady blend of grotty atmosphere, oversharing, and weed fumes that's endeared lou barlow's music to generations. highlights include "nitemare," a fragile kissing cousin to iii's "spoiled"; "albequerque '89" [sic], probably the prettiest masturbation confessional you'll hear all week; and a deconstruction of receptionist-rock phenom bryan adams, replete with hilariously anemic guitar solo ("run to you"). click below! (v0)

i don't mean to be a dick




    ........enjoy, you young punx........