Saturday, July 12, 2014

sentridoh - most of the worst and some of the best (shrimper, 1992)

a1 american morning '91
a2 monkey racist
a3 albequerque '89
a4 ratherdie
a5 i can't wait
a6 suede
a7 barbed wire
a8 nitemare
b1 what would it be like
b2 run to you
b3 meaningless dead end
b4 cause for celebration
b5 jealous of jesus
b6 mary christ
b7 puffin on a pot pipe
b8 alone to decide


okay, so the bulk of this material has appeared elsewhere in other forms but: (a) never assembled quite thusly, and (b) tape rips are rad, so we're sharing this but beseeching you, reader, to kindly avail yourself of the wealth of downloadable sentridoh on itunes, amazon, and elsewhere should you happen to dig this. and you should happen to, in our humble opinion: it's the same heady blend of grotty atmosphere, oversharing, and weed fumes that's endeared lou barlow's music to generations. highlights include "nitemare," a fragile kissing cousin to iii's "spoiled"; "albequerque '89" [sic], probably the prettiest masturbation confessional you'll hear all week; and a deconstruction of receptionist-rock phenom bryan adams, replete with hilariously anemic guitar solo ("run to you"). click below! (v0)

i don't mean to be a dick

Monday, July 7, 2014

refrigerator - car alarm 7" (shrimper, 1992)

a1 been there done
a2 here comes franklin
a3 caboose
b1 resolvingism
b2 some times
b3 title track
b4 spare chain


we've come across shrimper founder dennis callaci's solo project, paste, round these parts before, and if learning from las vegas tickled your fancy, your fancy better brace itself. refrigerator, led by callaci and his brother allen, uses familiar tools of the trade (spindly guitar, brisk drums, homespun vocal stylings), but coaxes these elements into a dizzying variety of forms: bouncing earwoms ("been there done"), slanted and/or enchanted noise workouts ("here comes franklin"), and the emotionally raw closer ("spare chain"). all caked with shrimper's standard patina of loving grime and ready for consumption by clicking below! (320)

you're at the wrong show

v.a. - 50 x opscene (rotten windmill, 1996)

a1 plover - oilbird
a2 furtips - scram
b1 gitbox - v8
b2 bingo trappers - behind the scenes


because what sort of music sharing blog would this be, after all, without a poorly explained hiatus? forgive us for indulging in this hollowed tradition, reader, and accept this peace offering of four of benelux's finest and fuzziest. pop that stumbles over its own feet, but we wouldn't have it any other way. terrifically ragged harmonies, sticky bass, and two scoops of vinyl crackle are all parts of this balanced lo-fi breakfast. click below, and look for more posts soon! (v2)

refill my memory

Friday, June 27, 2014

v.a. - making waves - a collection of 12 womens bands from the uk (girlfriend, 1981)

01 gymslips - midnight city
02 mistakes - romance
03 androids of mu - bored housewives
04 guest stars - sometimes the blues is right
05 real insects - in the ruins of your body
06 rock goddess - make my night
07 belles - you told me a lie
08 amy and the angels - i hate being in love
09 ministry of marriage - twin
10 tango twins - life support
11 nancy boys - so easy
12 sisterhood of spit - hold tight


the stuff that harkens back to the 60s girl group sound is fun enough, but the real draw as far as we're concerned is the post-punk: devotees of all things thorny and twitchy and jaded are all but guaranteed to groove to androids of mu's spiny deconstruction of home economics, and ministry of marriage's all-elbows-and-knees danceability. "i hate being in love" is something special -- puts us in mind of both kleenex/liliput and grass widow, with perhaps some of the most tuneful moaning in the annals of rock. your guess is as good as ours as to why it ends with a skiffle tune about shrimp and rice; guess you had to be there. click below! (128)

why don't you buy her a pint (SHE'S NOT THIRSTY)

(p.s. does androids of mu speak to you? killer comp blood robots is available at boomkat or in finer record stores remastered on vinyl!)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

versus - secret swingers (teenbeat, 1996)

01 lose that dress
02 yeah you
03 glitter of love
04 ghost story
05 use as directed
06 double suicide (mercy killing)
07 jealous
08 shower song
09 angels rush in
10 one million
11 a heart is a diamond


we're frankly a little flabbergasted that this isn't in print: a healthy chunk of versus's discog is available on itunes, but somehow secret swingers appears to have gotten lost in the shuffle, and you can't get it from teenbeat either. it's certainly not for lack of killer tuneage -- writing a fresh-sounding breakup album after 50-some-odd years of rock is no mean feat, for starters, and the guitars are by turns prickly and sparkling and roaring in all the right places, and then there's the harmonies, and "ooh ooh" vocal hook in "yeah you"... don't get us started on the "ooh oohs." just click below, and kindly give us a heads up if you hear anything about a reissue! (vbr)

you know who you are

Saturday, June 21, 2014

blu - ucla (self released, 2012)

01 mad meets blu
02 fully crack
03 california bears
04 funky cowboy meets the funky drummer
05 burgandy whip
06 what u c
07 ez
08 call my nga
09 fo' figa rings
10 we got it!
11 play w love
12 giv m up
13 interlude
14 cut up
15 dodger stadium

a real case of schrodinger's album here, folks: released in 2012 as a blu and madlib collab, then notoriously disavowed by the beat konducta. our nancy drew-ing, though, finds his sonic fingerprints all over this: bass that gurgles like a hookah, dust-caked soul harmonies, prank phone calls and a passion for l.a. ephemera. see if you can puzzle it out, or just enjoy the ride. blu tastes vowels and consonants in the same cheflike way that mf doom and earl sweatshirt do, and the matchup with madlib-or-not-madlib couldn't work better. click below, gumshoes. (320)

like bill gates, except i look richer

Friday, June 20, 2014

v.a. - little darla has a treat for you vol. 1 (darla, 1995)

01 cub - ticket to spain
02 bunnygrunt - macho beagle
03 sone - rope a dope
04 hot monkey - baby love on me
05 sugar plant - shiny blue dead fish
06 vehicle flips - platitude man
07 30 amp fuse - locket
08 tullycraft - skyway
09 bugskull - seguara
10 heartworms - really really really sorry parts 1 & 2
11 heroine - fossil experiment delayed
12 simple ones - rift city
13 phoaming edison - imbeciles
14 nerdy girl - hate me
15 ditch croaker - monkey wild
16 huevos rancheros - rockin' in the hen house
17 brian jonestown massacre - deep in the devil's eyes and you


hey, it's the one that started it all: there's a healthy chance that you've run across later installments of this long-running indie comp series, but the first couple remain pretty dang elusive. eclectic, too: partisans of twee, dream pop, fuzz rock, and slowcore will not leave disappointed. really, only ditch croaker's contribution didn't work for us here, erring a little too far on the pearl jam side for our taste; but your results may vary. grifters fans are strongly advised not to miss the intensely gnarly blast of noise that is simple ones's "rift city." click below! (128, alas)

shiny shiny

(p.s. like what you hear? their search engine is a monumental pain in the ass, but you can find loads more where this came from on darla records' website.)